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Perhaps you are new to booking escorts or indeed new to booking through our ladies gallery. Well here is a new section which will hopefully answer some of your most regular FAQ's!

As hard as some of you may find this to believe (as I know so many agencies use fake pics!) YES ALL PHOTOS  are 100% real and genuine and we guarantee you, that the girl in the photo will be the actual girl you will meet! Most Escorts replace their photos once a year (albeit many of them love reinventing their look with new pics and often replace them every 6 months)

We usually recommend up to 7 days in advance (as our 7 day scheduler on the home gives you the ladies availability for the week ahead) Some of our most popular escorts do get booked up weeks beforehand so if you know your schedule in advance its always good to call and see if your preferred angel has given us her advanced schedule. Saying that 80% of our bookings are made on the day of the booking so last minute calls are always welcome too.

We only book the lady`s time for you , any services are at the discretion of you and the lady.

NO, NO & NO! We respect the Escorts privacy and you should too! The reason they are featured on our site is that they enjoy the anonymity that our Agency offers to them. You would not want them calling you at your home or office and you should respect their private lives too! Pestering Escorts will result in you being banned from the Agency.